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Solved my problem, knocking from front suspension.

For the last 3 months, I have had the knocking problem from the nearside, as you know it really does you head in trying to sort it out, done all the usual things , anti-roll bar rubbers, drop links ect.

Luckily, when driving down the Motorway the other day, I strayed onto the nearside white line, and all the rattling and knocking starts, at the same time, I had to brake for build up of traffic, and I noticed the knocking stops.
When I got home, the next day, once again off come the front wheel, the first thing I looked at was the front caliper and noticed that it moved up and down and I could get a similar knocking sound. Took the caliper off and noticed the sliding pins were very loose and worn, cleaned the pins and re-greased.

The noise has almost gone, so now ordered a new caliper carrier, and the problem is resolved. A:A:T:
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