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Snow Foam, is used as a pre wash to loosen dirt and draw larger particles away from the surface of the paint before washing, after dwelling for 5 to10 minutes it leaves the car almost clean, in turn making the wash process easier and safer for your paint.

If you wash your car or van with a bucket, every time you dip your sponge in the bucket, you transfer dirt & grit back onto your paintwork unless you use the 2 bucket method and two grit guards. (more on 2BM another time)

Snow foaming is safer for your vehicle
Car and Van Washing can be a major source of damage to paint work. Paintwork can be scratched when dirt & grit are re-applied from a bucket. (We all know those dreaded "swirl-marks" and “random deep scratches” when the sun shines).

NOTE- Door Seals & other delicate parts are easily damaged by Car Washing with High Pressure Jets, - foam lances are low pressure.

Car washing with snowfoam should over come all these problems. Only Clean water & shampoo/snowfoam are ever applied to your car or van.
Accurate & Constant Mixing of snowfoam/shampoo also protects your car damage caused by over-diluted or under-diluted shampoo/SF. Over-diluted shampoo can cause scratching, because the dirt & grit are not sufficiently softened & lubricated. Under-diluted shampoo can attack paintwork chemically.

Two types of snow foam I have used are,

Standard Foam

A special vehicle cleaning for use with foam lance equipment. This foam may be left in place a few minutes in order to derive a prolonged cleaning effect and is easily rinsed away with water.

Cirtus cleansing snow foam

A citrus cleaning foam designed to tackle to toughest of grime, and remove traffic film from your van/car but may also remove any WAX/polish!!.
Use with a foam lance only for maximum efficiency and watch the dirt and grime fall to the floor to ensure a scratch free wash.

How much solution should i use?

In a 1ltr lance bottle you should use about 1 inch of solution and fill the rest warm water. On 0.5 ltr lance bottle half the above information. But please follow the label for more info.

1ltr bottle should give enough coverage for two good coverage’s of a Van/ 4x4

Types of Foam Lance’s Explained

Heavy Duty Foam Lance

Foam injection bottle attaches to your pressure washer gun just like a regular lance. Maximum pressure 200 Bar and 60 degrees. Variable spray nozzle with fully adjustable chemical dilution switch.

Most Come complete with the lance and connector.*
*connector types are Karcher, Kew/Alto, Lavor, Kranzle, Bosch, Karcher HD

This foam lance is a widely used Pre-Wash tool that creates a thick clinging foam which safely cleanses your vehicle by softening dirt and grit for removal either with a pressure washer,

Superspray System

Quicker & more Convenient
Car washing with Superspray couldn't be more convenient. There're no cables & equipment to unpack. You don't even wait for a bucket to fill! You don't need to climb ladders to get shampoo onto even the highest vehicle. You don't even need a bucket at all. Just add your favourite shampoo, click to your Hose-pipe & start Car or van Washing!

When Car or van Washing with Superspray, only clean shampoo & water ever touches your car or van.

There's no electricity or High Pressure Hoses, There's nothing to lift & carry. Not even a bucket!

Note: hoselock male connection that is a perfect fit for the general garden female hoselock connectors.

Gilmour Foamaster II

The Foamaster II is the most up to date model from Gilmour. Even using regular car shampoos this gun gives very high levels of faom. Infact more than any other Hose foam gun I have tested.

The foamster II will cover your vehicle in a thick layer of foam encapsulating and softening the dirt and grime. Because the foam clings much better to vertical surfaces it can be left to dwell for longer without drying which really allows the emulsifiers and surfactants to work much better than traditional wash methods. This means that when it is rinsed off much more of the potentially paint damaging dirt is removed. A further layer of foam can then be laid onto the vehicle and washed using a soft washmitt for the safest wash possible.

Note: hoselock male connection that is a perfect fit for the general garden female hoselock connectors.

Video time…..this is the 1st lance i spoke about with a Karcher PW, but it has way to much solution in the bottle, is should have been 1 inch but i think he got carried away, but you get the effect.


Hope this helps, you understand it more....if you do need more info please feel free to PM me, or reply to this thread...T:
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