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Hi all this forum has been very helfpful for ideas over the years so wanted to give you the benefit of my recent experiences involving a t 6 kombi. After a few years of various campers including boxer and a vito decided to get a T6 kombi as my company "car". Benefits include vat saving and the savings from there being no need to run a seperate camper.

time to change was December last year, Got my hands on a twin slider dsg highline from a dealer with loads about 10 mins from home.... normally need to travel hundreds of miles for these things, it was a bit van like so got them to line it and put speakers in the rear all as extras on the purchase price.

Next stop was a call to amdro, who have been doing their angel t5 interiors and their boot jump thing that goes in berlingos and partners and kombi beds for years but never had the pleasure of buying from them until now. They had just released the kombi bed for twin slider and got the first one off the production line. Also decided their wheelarch units were very neat and contain all the clutter that normally floats around in the back of the van. These use bolts into load carrying fixings in rear, downside is neededca mod as there is a mounting for the jack, but otherwise goes in great.

Ikea kids kitchen for £60 quid was next , this is connected now to wheelarch units with wingnuts but still need the toy tap changing to a real one, and some fresh and waste containers but very close match of ply to amdro units and certainly cheaper than getting anyone building one. Got a set of silver screens and hey presto now have a 2 berth camper in my kombi, ok its simple and only sleeps half the family but I reckon I have spent about £1500 so far and can move the units to the next van. The benfits of the Kombi are the kids are right front seats behind rather than miles back, you can remove the single seat and move between front and rear and you don't lose the load space, see pic, with 4 swifty kick scooters.

Project for the next week is to put 2 seat swivels in, as now finally back in stock, thats about another £300 and need to sort some led lights and a hookup lead which i can run through a slightly open window. Think the total cost should end in £2 k. Ok so you need a kombi to start with but as my company is vat registered i get the vat back as its a commercial vehicle which you dont get on a car. Next projects for 2019 might involve a pop top or a heater but both these things are a bit more difficukt to take out when I change the van.
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