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been up in the lakes for a few days which has been great those rolling hills are great with 135bhp but not so great when all of a sudden the brake servo seems to not be working!!!
this was my experience last night on trying to find a lay by to pull up in.

Turns out that one of the tubes that T's off from another that goes up past/behind the intercooler goes into a white plastic straw like tube.

And it had come off !!! so no brake assistance

anywho popped it back on but it seems that neither end have ever had a clap on them has anyone else had this problem and should there be claps.
Currently have a cable tie in place.

Anyone shed any light? tell you what was boody scarey one minuit all was fine next im trying to stop by standing on the pedal with both feet attemptin to pull the steering wheel off the colum.
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