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Excellent thanks! T:
Hi again,
That's a long trip in just one week! No doubt it's do-able, but you'll need a full day to recover when you get there. I still reckon that going southeastwards and using the Germany/Austria route will work well - and will be cheaper (Yorkshireman, remember I:). Going over the Grossglockner will take almost a full day - you can't just hammer it over without stopping for a look now and again. Motorway tolls in France and Italy have a nasty habit of getting expensive without you realising it - until it's too late :eek:.
Keep me posted if you need to.
Spot on basecamp. You just can't rush something like Grossglockner.
My wife and I had to stop and jump out the van to enjoy the views every 2minutes馃檲

A good campsite not to far from the pass in Zell Am See is Panorama Zell Am See馃憤馃徏

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We took our Caddy Maxi all the way to Lake Garda last summer. It was our first trip away and absolutely brilliant!! We spent a week getting there and going back to our route probably won't help you (although friends of ours with a house there always go straight down the east of France when they're in a hurry to get to Lake Garda - not very scenic but efficient).

However, we stayed in the most amazing campsite which I feel needs a big mention on this thread! We stayed just outside of Riva Del Garda at a site called Verdepiano. I found it on about the 4th page of Google Search and was hence a little apprehensive after booking, but it was incredible! Just 12 pitches with a large pool (part with jets and heated). They also have a couple of apartments they rent out although they don't have access to the pool. The campsite has the best facilities I've ever seen - the bathrooms were almost as nice as you'd expect from a 4star hotel - and the location is lovely, surrounded by apple trees, olive groves and vineyards.

We have every intention of heading back the next time we're in Italy and I would strongly recommend you check out their website if you're still deciding where to stay - it was brilliant! (http://www.verdepianocamping.com)

Enjoy your travels!

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I am planning to go to Lake Garda this summer in August but with a family of 5 the pricing is looking to be 80Eur per night. This is my first trip away to europe and wasn't expecting it to cost as much even in peak season.

May need to just bite the bullet and go cheap in other parts of the trip, but does any one have any recommendations or ways to get discounts? kids are 7,5,3.


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Great post. Can anybody recomend any parts of Europe to drive to at Xmas. I have a week off and would love to get over to Germany. Or Austria. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I've just been down to Lake Como.

Travelled Dover to Dunkirk, then stayed 2 nights in Ypres
Ypres to Langres with 2 nights in Langres
Langres to Interlaken with 4 nights in Interlaken
Inerlaken to Lake Como with 3 nights in lake Como
Lake Como to Simonswald in Germany with 1 night in Germany.
Simonswald to Luxembourgh with 1 night in Luxembourg
Luxembourgh to Dunkirk with 1 night in Dunkirk

Then Ferry back and home.

If anyone has any questions about any of the trip fire away!

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Interlaken was wonderful, I'm definitely going back there again.

The Mrs and me were talking about our three favourite places of the trip and both said Switzerland first, Lake Como second and Germany third.

We'd like to do perhaps two weeks around North Italy and the lakes and I want to see a lot more of Germany.

Suppose it depends what happens after Brexit as to whether it will still be easy to travel across to Europe.

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Hi all

Any suggestions for a stop over between Calais and Zurich, in the Alps or as scenic...

Queen are playing a Zurich July 2020 so want to stop off for a few days en-route to Garda

Cheers all
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