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I am changing my interior so I no longer need these panels anymore. Theyre custom made by retro retrims and would cost a fortune to buy new. The front door trims are covered in lovely soft leather with red stitching. Please note that the leather work is quite thick so you may need to adust the door catch to suit.

The panels are for the rear of the van are covered in leatherette and are fastened with self tappers and coloured caps. My van used to have a run of cabinets down the lenth of the van, therefore no panel for the o/s/r window is included as this was covered by the cabinets. Similarly the o/s/r 1/4 panel doesnt have a stripe sewn into it, this was because most of the panel was covered by cabinets and adding stripes to the panel would have been pointless.

We are only selling these due to a clearout in our van, we have sold the cabinets and our 3/4 bed. We are going to fit a full lenth bed and need the money to fund the new build.

included in the sale.

front driver and passenger door panels (manual windows) speaker pods included. I will change the speakers for others of the same size cos the ones in the picture are not for sale.

Sliding door panel
rear 1/4 panels o/s + n/s
rear barn door panels

£300 collection
£350 couriered to your door
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