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I have literally just bought my first VW Transporter. Its a T4 800 Special 1.9TD.

I got it to turn into a camper slowly...I am 19 so am unaware of a lot of information.

Could anybody help me on the following subjects please:

I want to know how I hook up a leisure battery, so it still charges off of the main (if this is correct)
Do I use normal cable to run power to lights, which I want to put in the ceiling? Also will these come off of the leisure battery or normal?
Extra speakers in the back, would they come off of a leisure battery?

I just need as much information as people can provide as I want to run cable, insulate and ply the van ASAP, but need to run cables so its all ready for decking out as I want.

If anybody has wiring diagrams (if they are needed that would be great) also if anybody knows of layouts for a Transporter T4 for a camper layout with a bed, as I want to do it all myself, with extra speakers sub, and storage ect.

Thank you and I look forward to any replies.
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