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Much as I love the magazine I feel obliged to make a complaint about my treatment in the current issue.
I have been described as many things, but 'would-be footballer' is just cruel. The serious sporting injury I sustained during a hotly contested match during the Tour de France Dutch trip came at a crucial time in the game. At 27 goals to 26 with only two hours left to play the contest was delicately poised. I would like to point out that I have played week in, week out for nearly thirty years at an extremely low level of Sunday league and vets, and to be injured on the verge of a double hat trick whilst playing as rush goalie robbed me potentially of the highlight of my 'career'.
I also object to the insinuation that my crutch was makeshift in any way. Dunc spent over half an hour with his chopper, hand crafting the crutch. Did he use tape? Did he just nail it together? NO - he measured it for size and then employed his considerable woodworking skill to build a proper tenon joint!

I look forward to a full retraction in the next issue or I may be forced to consider legal action.

Yours, slightly peeved,

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