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when you do out side corners { on the out side of doors or units} its best if you cut little vee shapes { like saw blades teeth } into the grooved part of the edgeing as this allows the inner edgeing to come together and allows the edgeing to bend better , for inner bends you dont need to do this as you be stretching the groved part of the edgeing when you put the edging on. hope this makes sence and helps.
You can even do a sharp 90-degree bend with this method. Just cut a divot out of the part that goes into the panel exactly where the bend is wanted.

A couple of other tips:
  • Check for run-out on the router. Mine developed serious runout so until I can get a new router I use a 2.5mm bit to get a 3mm slot. (Cut a slot in scrap, then measure it - for example use drill-bit shanks as feeler gauges.)
  • Cut the groove only just deep enough. Otherwise the groove can more easily spring open and so let the edging escape.
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