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hi all i will start from the beginning..
had my gearbox rebuilt about a year ago with ne clutch etc then had cambelt waterpump etc done..
5th has been making some sort of noise almost like a turbo whistle but went away after 3000rpm or so it started jumping out of 5th a while ago on long drives but i just popped it back in and kept meaning to look at.. anyways was off to go fishing few weeks ago it popped out of 5th went to put it back in and it wasnt there pulled over and then couldnt get 1st 2nd 5th or reverse i drove it home on 3rd and
4th had a look the gear linkage was shot so i replaced the nylon cup and the 2 balls (wich was a pain in the ass but thanks to this forum i knew what i was doing.. sort of) after replacing that i must have hit the metal water pipe and that sprung a leak so changed that just drove it all felt amazing until i went to go 5th and it wasnt there it feels like it goes into place but let the clutch up and nothing...
any light on my problem would be a great help.. maybe ive bent the small rod on the linkage?? or 5th has just broke down??

its a 2.5tdi 88bhp on a t plate


(ps sorry i just rambled on there)
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