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The springs are for the back. Front end is torsion bar. This is how you lower it.......
Lowering front, torsion bar suspension on a VW T4.

Tools required:
3 ton trolley jack
27mm spanner, better still 27mm long socket.
Breaker bar/scaffold pole
Releasing fluid

Firstly, jack the van up, and make sure you support it on axle stands.
Like so:

Once up in the air and supported, locate the petrol tank, which you will find behind the front wheels. Now move to the back of the tank, and locate the ends of the torsion bars.
This is what you’re looking for:

You’ll notice the threaded ends of the torsion bars. One either side of the tank. These have a 27mm nut about 10cm/4” up them. Simply put, if you wind down these nuts, you release tension on the torsion bar, and the van gets lower. Bit of a backtrack on this one.....you’ll notice the releasing fluid on the nuts in this picture. It’s worth soaking the nuts regularly for a few days before attempting to shift them. I soaked mine the day before and on the morning of the job, and the nearside was very hard to shift. Worth cleaning the threads with a wire brush too!

Now before you try to wind the nuts down, I cannot stress highly enough, the need to support the van on axle stands. The top of the adjuster bolts are located by a T shaped piece (no pics of this, sorry) which can pop out of their seats if the nut is too tight. If this happens, an unsupported van will drop....on your head!
To set the suspension to the required drop, the adjustment ratio goes something like this..... 10mm turn of the nut equates to 25mm actual drop. So decide how low you want to go, mark the threads and wind down those nuts! If you want to go any lower than about 50mm, you’re into suspension component modification and shorter dampers. If you need info on this, again, I’ll be happy to supply with pics.

You can find a comprehensive overview with exploded diagrams here:

Also check out the thread 'Project low continues' by Browner. He really is 'Da Man' with regard to slamming a T4

Hope this helps clear things up a bit.


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