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As per another thread, my exhaust went last Friday close to arriving at the Volkspower show in Redcar.

The pipe going into the centre silencer just rusted away - It was the original exhaust I believe and 16 years old, so that's not too bad really.
Was easy to find a replacement centre box but locating a reasonably priced rear section proved tricky! My LT has a side-exit rear pipe (Think it is due to having had a tail lift?) and I was quoted £70 - this is for a piece of pipe under 1M in length and with one bend and a hanger welded on. That seemed well OTT to me, so looked for alternatives ...

I had a little wander around the local town yesterday and came up with a solution :)
Local Motor Factors stock/source a limited range of exhaust pipes. They have straight pipes, but also sell flexible (at twice the price, mind) steel pipe. Decided to get the flexible pipe as bending a 60mm steel pipe is not an easy task!
So the flexible pipe will take care of the bend I need to apply. I think it is 64mm ID, but I test-fitted the same size fixed pipe they had in stock on the bit of old exhaust I removed and it slides in nicely but pretty tightly so should be perfect (I hope!)

Fitted the centre silencer this morning in readiness for the back pipe and looking pretty good ...

Centre Box
by David, on Flickr

Ran the engine and oh what a difference to the noise!

As an aside, I had a VW T4 1.9TD and that exhaust went in just the same place (I don't mean Redcar, I mean the pipe going to the centre silencer) and effectively bypassing that made no difference at all to the way the engine ran or to the noise made :confused:: The only reason I knew that exhaust had broken was the mechanical rattle of the pipe hittting a support. I guess an exhaust is less important to a much lower powered engine? (the 1.9TD developed 68BHP when brand new - mine was 14 years old so likely had a fair bit less)

And now have the rear pipe in place :)

Rear Pipe
by David, on Flickr
It is 64mm Flex Tube from Klarius, which is:
"Flexible Tubing Copper Bonded, supplied in 2metre lengths.
Interfolded construction cannot be unravelled by twisting. High tensile strength and crush resistance. Galvanised mild steel"

Seems pretty good stuff. It is slightly oversized for my silencer outlet so used some exhaust paste around the inner pipe and then clamped the outer flex pipe down onto it which should make a good seal I think.
I need to get a larger clamp for the flex pipe so I can secure it near the end to the hanger as well.

Going to finish off the job with a trim piece at the end to make it look tidy and jobs a good 'un T:

Total cost will end up being around £120 with all the parts, clamps, tail trim, etc, so not too bad really. I should call someone like Kwik-Fit to get a quote to compare but I reckon saved around £100 compared to just dropping in to a exhaust centre to get the work done. (and I also have around 1.2M of quality flexible Pipe as well spare. Anyone need any? ;) )
441 - 446 of 446 Posts