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Yesterday just got the flashing glow plug light, and van into limp mode...oh no! turn it off and on again and it goes away for a little while but due on a ferry later today, and i don't fancy driving through Europe with that one hanging over me. It couldn't have come at a worse time.
Phoned Eurovans at Portslade they said bring it in today they'll do their best to sort it.
Got there really early, they were waiting for me, parts (EGR valve) already ordered for this morning delivery.
They then told me that it would be quite a wait as being Bi Turbo it's not an easy fit, but not to worry as they can get me a relief van so that i can get some work done.
Phone call at 12:00 to say it would be ready by 2:30, turned up and it was!!
The best bit.... end of 3 year Warranty period 27 Oct, so it was all covered.
Now off for the ferry!

Credit where credits due to Eurovans Portslade, many thanks for the assistance.
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