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:eek: Hi Has anyone else had major problems with Mahle parts !!
I ordered some main bearings for my abl engine t4 and some big end bearings first of all the order was confirmed to be in stock I should receive them at my parts supplier in a day or two then when i went to collect them i was told the were not in stock and needed to be ordered as someone inputted the wrong part number the first week and a half delay . I went back to collect the parts and was told the missed the delivery time for Northern Ireland another week delay

my supplier asked if they could be sent direct to him and was told no they had to go to the distributor in N. I first

i then collected the bearings only to find that i had 6 top half's in the pack and 4 bottom half's in the pack and thecompany can only be contacted through a 3rd party and will be off until Wednesday next week so all in all the rebuild of my engine is taking another 3 weeks jus because the parts company cant get their act together :(:bhd

judging by the fact the are vacuum packed and sealed i would have thought some quality control would have applied
i know the parts are good quality but if the customer service is dire they undo all the quality of manufacture

has any one else had similar problems ???
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