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Hi, I recently needed a new cylinder head & cam for my T5. I noticed a company on eBay - Total Automotive Solutions selling FAI parts. I phoned the number (cunningly hidden in one of the pictures) & spoke to Mathew Hardy. He's been in the trade 30 odd years & just works for himself these days. However, through his contacts over the years, he's got a trade account with FAI. He managed to get me a genuine (laser etched) FAI head for £695. No VAT to pay either. This compares well to the no brand head from LEC for £650 & the AMC heads at around £1200. Other motor factors were quoting me nearly £900+VAT for the FAI head. I ordered the parts & when they arrived at his place he sent me some photos & videos of the parts to make sure I was happy before I paid. (I went outside eBay to save 10% & but paid the PayPal trades & services (4%) for a bit of protection). He got them straight off & they arrived next day. I checked all the packaging, etc & it all appears to be genuine FAI gear, with packing slips, etc. (I know there's a lot of fake stuff floating around out there) He was a pleasure to deal with, kept me updated with text messages & calls, had plenty of good advice & I'll definitely use him again.

I've no affiliation with Mathew or T.A.S. but thought I'd post my experience as it was so nice to deal with a genuine bloke for a change.

eBay link
mob: 0785 2121 025
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