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Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can help?!.

After working through my wish list of upgrades - bigger tyres , side bars lights, remap etc etc...there’s always something!!..I decided to add a set of multi function steering wheel buttons as my next ‘little’project.

Seemed like a fairly straightforward job,- steering wheel/airbag off, change the buttons, replace wire loom, connect two wires one to 12v supply and one to bcm, put back together, code to mfsw, job done!. So bit the bullet!

Now the problem!!- My Van has somehow gone into an engine shut down mode /Immobilised and the dreaded red brake warningI light / alarm- ‘take to workshop’ is displayed. The Van will start and then switch off after 3 seconds and then will just turn over & not start .No power to the lights, central locking etc...Now that wasn’t in the instructions!!!

So... reversed the install put it back to how it was and pretended it never happened!!

Unfortunately the warning is still active symptoms remain & it seems to have locked out any attempt to reset. OBD reads no fault codes though! Have checked the fuses , ensured the BCM is properly seated ,but at a loss of where to go next, apart from take to VW

Hoping its an imobilser,engine management issue rather than anything else though, but any suggestions on how to clear / reset would be much appreciated!!

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