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Hey all,

I'm selling our beloved Golf (named Desmond) as I just don't have the time to keep him on the road.

I originally wanted to keep him for a TDI conversion on our van but sadly the MOT is almost due and he needs bodywork.

Ideally this car will go to someone who wants to to a TDI conversion, though if you love the Mk3 then this car would work well for you too.

He's done 185,000 miles, while admittedly 'high' the engine is spot on and in the five years we've owned him he has never let us down. Not once. This is the most reliable car I've ever owned. Easily does 50MPG on a daily commute and got 64MPG on a gentle run from West Wales to Dover a couple of years ago.

He's the 90BHP AHU engine, completely standard except for an added alternator clutched pulley - makes the car run so much calmer at idle. The gearbox is the ASD with the 0.711 5th gear so perfect for your van too.

I've replaced the fuel pump head seal last week as it finally started leaking.

The turbo is still good, still has full power on the engine, no starting issues, no noises from the gearbox, suspension all good, tyres & brakes are all good, fresh brake fluid, no leaks from the doors or boot, interior is in good condition - the seats are in very good nick.

So on to bad points. I'll be as honest as possible here...

Aircon has just run out of gas. I've had the pressure checked and it's low so should just need regassing. It's been faultless up to now!

The plastic breather pipe from the block has split in the past like they all do so I made a metal replacement. It's not the best looking thing in the world but it works really well. You can replace it with an official piece if you want.

The biggest point - the MOT is due up on the 11th March. It's still taxed & insured though so if you want to drive it home you'll have to grab it quick. It won't pass an MOT without welding! As far as I can see there's nothing else that'll fail however so you can patch it up and use it as a runabout if you wish.

Rust is on the underside floor near the jacking points. Both sections about 6 inches square have gone through. Quite easy to fix if you're handy with a welder.

Cambelt is due. I'd assume a conversion project would change this anyway. I have the new water pump and thermostat which I'll give with the car.

Clutch is on its last legs. Still grips fully but the slightest touch on the pedal makes it slip at full throttle. Again a conversion would replace this anyway.

There's a shallow dent in the NSR door and the trim is slightly bowed because of it, along with a scrape on the NSR arch. Usual paint chips / shopping trolley dints. It was almost entirely resprayed 5 years ago when I bought it so the paintwork is cleaner than you'd expect from a car this age.

So to summarise:

1997 'P' reg
185K AHU
0.711 5th gear
needs Welding
good engine
MOT due 11th March
Can be driven away until then
new water pump & thermostat included
LC6P Emerald Green metallic
14" Orlando alloys

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give all the info I could to save anyone wasting their time. As above this is a perfect conversion car, but needs work for a daily driver. I'd like this car to live on in some way - I'll miss him!

£300 and it's yours.

You're welcome to come view it and test drive.

I'll get pics tomorrow and post them on here by the weekend.

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Re: Mk3 Golf GL TDI 1997 with AHU engine 185k *pics*

Edit: here are some nicer pics now that it's stopped raining...

A few things I've forgotten to mention, but now I've had him back from the in-laws I remember what they were...

He's had a spot of welding done to the drivers door sill. It's been covered with red oxide paint and has held up really well for the last two years, however it's quite conspicuous on a green car.

The arches are bubbling which is rather normal for the mk3 Golf.

The exhaust midsection has a leak, it's by the middle silencer and can be welded back on. I've not had the time or space to weld it myself.

MOT expires end of tomorrow (Wednesday) :(

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Okay, it's been a while and it's time to bin it - it's got no MOT on it and it's just not profitable to put one on. I can't break it for parts as I don't have any space to do it.

Someone please take it away for £100? It still drives well, moved it some 15 miles to another storage place and it felt lovely - exactly the same as two years ago. Heck, you could make most of your money back just selling the wheels.

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Well folks, many apologies but it turns out my dad has scrapped it for me. Imagine my surprise when he text me yesterday morning to tell me so!

He's flogged it to some random dude who turned up with a flatbed (despite him living in a small close, seems unusual someone would just 'pop round there' with one. I reckon he's been phoning scrap yards), who had to smash the rear quarter to unlock the doors, found the V5, signed it, gave my dad some cash and dragged it away.

Only after he had posted the V5 off (which he signed himself even though it's my name on there) did he tell me. I still have both keys!

Furious is not quite the word. We've owned that car for eight years and it has never let us down once. Our first diesel, our first Golf, it was our best car ever and we didn't even get to say goodbye!

Plus there was a large litter tray underneath to catch oil spills that got dragged off too since he couldn't be bothered to remove it first.

I expect it'll turn up in a scrapyard somewhere in South Wales. Help yourself folks.
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