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Hi all.
I was driving the works golf (02 plate) the other day & it had a few `issues'.
It's a TDI (I think 150bhp) & the problems are:
1. The turbo has a boost issue & it goes into limp mode. If you switch it off & back on again, it resets the ECU & all is well (for a while, when it does it again). It has had a new turbo a couple of years ago & this cured the problem for a while. It has come back. I `think' it has also had the n75 valve replaced as well. The problem is intermittent, so difficult to track. I think a pipe may be failing, so boost/vacumm leaks may be the cause.
2. I went to drive it back into work today & the clutch pedal was on the floor. I could just about press it but could not put the lever into gear. I put my foot underneath the lever & pulled it back up. I pressed it again & it went to the floor & stayed there, but I could then get gears. It kept doing this for about a mile. I had to keep pulling the pedal back up. It then went back to normal, with the pedal in the right position. :confused:

It is a works owned car (thank god it's not mine!!) so the faults are not really mine to solve, but I would like some input from you knowlegdable peeps if possible!
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