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I am selling this MK4 boot build. Came out of a standard MK4 with the spare removed.

This is a quality bit of kit. Custom made for the MK4.

The top section has been designed to protect the sub but also allow viewing of the amps you can fit to the middle section.
Obviously this could easily be altered to fit and show any amps. (I used Genesis Profile's)
Carpeted with quality covering that is a close match for the boot colour.

The middle MDF section slots into the boot, with the front lip sitting slightly under the backs of the rear seats.
To install, the rear seats need to be folded forward slightly, then they lock the whole thing into place when they are clicked back into position.

The sub box is SOLID.
Made from 10 sheets of MDF rings, layered, glued and screwed. As well as painted with barrier paint to make it 100% air-tight.
It has a 10" hole for any quality 10" sub. (I used a DLS MW-10 reference series 600W)
But could be quickly modified to take a 12".
The sealed sub cable (included) has a fast clip so it is easy to remove the sub for any reason, it also has rubber handles to make moving it around easy.
This then drops into the middle section, with nodules on it for a perfect fit with NO movement.
To stop any rattles and squeaks during "spirited" driving I:

There is also a rubber mat that sits on top of everything, so you can stick your shopping in the boot without the worry of damaging your install.

Everything you will receive.

Carpeted Top section.

Middle section, for amp and sub box mount.

SOLID 10" sub box.

Plastic boot install cover.

I needed the hardware for another car install, so they are not included.
But here is how it looked with the Genesis Profile Four, Genesis Profile Sub and 10" DLS sub.


Looking for £100 for this ready to go, custom fit setup.
Just and amps and a sub!

Collection and local delivery only. But this can be from a number of places as I get about a bit.
Birmingham, Telford, Stoke, Congleton.
Would possibly be able to deliver reasonably locally for a minimal charge.

If you need any more info or any more photo's, please post on the thread and I will provide them.

Thanks for looking... :cool:
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