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People ive got problems timing my T4 ACV 2.5 102hp using the dial gauge. Before i did the belts it started spot on and run spot on ... i forgot to lock the pump and the pump wheel spun round loosing what spot on timing i had.

Ive got myself the dial kit but i need a ref on the pump were to start timing mark wise ... ive lined the small square mark up to the mark on the pump body and locked it off. Also got TDC both on the flywheel and camshaft end.

In theory put the dial gauge in the end of the pump half way down so the dial goes both ways. Now turn the crank backwards till the clock stops then zero the clock then turn it clockwise back to TDC to get your figure of 0.55

Well i turn the engine backwards but the dial goes round at least times ??? so how do i know if the pump is 180 out as there is not a flat on the shaft were you lock it up .... also on complete rotation of the pump wheel there seems to be a dwell and in a time were the needle stops then goes back the way it come from ...

WTF is going on ....

The front of the van is off so is there anyone in or around npton who has done this before to educate me on how to sort this freeking thing out ... ive got vagcom and ive had it on 38/57 in the 2nd window but on the graph it was saying to retarded to read and it still didnt start great but ran well.....

Help !!!
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