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Hi all,
Firstly Just wanted to say how awesome this forum is everything u could ever need to know about t4 and t5 is in here somewhere or there is always willing to help!

Secondly I finally made the jump from t4 to t5, I had a t4 Kombi for 4 year and loved the van,We went everywhere in it camping (bugjam 3 yrs in a row) Motox every wkend, lived in it for 2 months when working in Kent, 211000 mile later I sold her (to my father so she's not to far away pmsl) because I do a 500 mile round trip from kent to Wales (work in kent live in wales) she had to go didnt want her to breakdown 4 yrs and no breakdowns what a van! So I went out and bought a t5 174 and O MY GOD WOT A BEAST I've had fast cars, and was so impressed with the a 174bhp VAN!! I never knew they made a van so fast it just wants to spin. Thankyou VOLKSWAGON and thankyou you guys for this forum everything we need to know and want for are vans is on here. A:
Cheers T5mike

Is there anything I should do to this van to have many years off hassle free driving? (and don't say don't drive it lol)
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