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I've had my beloved T4 for a few years now and it's been in the family since 1999 and serviced always by the same main VW dealer, it's only done just over 80,000 miles and I LOVE it, but circumstances mean it's going to become my everyday vehicle and while it cruises fine on the motorway it struggles up hills (2.4d not turbo) and carting the kids around all the time I'm thinking the odd airbag would be good.

So enough waffle, quick question - is my plan to get a LWB T5 Shuttle 9-seater then do the conversion in stages - I want the Reimo seat configuration to 7 seats (with buddy seat), a low roof so it fits below the 2m mark, usual side conversion with fridge etc. Any advice on who would work piecemeal on it, and any other clever options on seats? My current is great because it has two rows, both removable and slide forward, back etc. so I can bring kids right to front and load behind etc.

Any tips on a 7-seat conversion all with 3-point belts ideally fitting booster seats?

Few photos of the old girl in case anyone cares!

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