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were moving to germany and i want to take my t5 but am unsure if im gonna have trouble registering it. anyone know?
its rgistered as a 9 seat shuttle in uk. ive removed middlle row of seats and put in ply and lino floor and full width surf kitchen with fridge ansink and hob behind front seats.
ive even put a gas dropout hole in floor and had steel box made around propane bottle (its a dual sliding doors) so presumably this meets campervan regs about easyily accesible gas bottle in uk #i know, its not reegisterd as a campervan but ive got my family sleeping in it so i wanted safety anyway.

ive built a fold down bed behind rear seat rows and instaled a poptop. ive also installed mains electric with hookup behind rear wheel and leisure batt under passenger seat.
what will i have to do to register it in germany? cani leave it as a 9seat shuttle?
(i could install the middle row again with a lot of work, and i kept them in case i migt need to transport a lot of people somewhere,
but i realy dont want to do this just to make it road legal in germany, ar they fussy about dual purpose vehicles such as this?
any help please
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