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How does this fit? Is it just the bracket to the rear of the cab seat or is there one through the floor too?

Would it fit passenger side?

The seat will fit the passenger side as long as you've got a single seat and not a double.

The included bracket fastens to the back of the front seat base and then the bottom of the seat clips into a floor mounted bracket. This bracket is welded to the van floor and therefore not included in the sale but can be bought from VW if you don't already have one in your van (think they were only fitted in multivans).

The following thread has a picture of the floor bracket:

And from another post on here (http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=4474&highlight=buddy+seats - 4th post) the VW part number is 703883311A.


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when i fitted my buddy seat i just bolted the floor bracket through the floor with three m8 bolts and big washers underneith, thats because the flooring was already fitted.
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