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2nd attempt!!

1.9tdi T32 104. tangis alloys, electric pack, rear removable seats, (1 row only), single armrest front seats, tailgate, tinted windows, mudguards.

What Ive done.

bumpers painted, front skirt and rear spoiler, lowered 70mm on SW springs, clear indicators/bulbs, bmw style m6 alloys 255/55r18, insulated inside, wind defectors, I blanked the egr but felt it didnt do anything and it chucked the engine fault light on after 90mile!!! Oh and lots and lots of polish!! (autoglym hi-def!)

What next to do.

Carpet the inside, create a level in the rear to put my toys under (kites, boards, wetsuits) and have more room for the dogs, side bars and a remap but unsure it will give me real world fuel savings (any suggestions)

Theres probs some other stuff but this is the 2nd time of writing!! hope you like?

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