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So i've had my t4 for a couple months now and thought its time to start a build thread.
Here it is as i got it:

First thing i had to do was give it a good clean right over so spent a day doing that, however got to the roof and couldnt believe the paint fade on it.

So with a lot of polish and wax got to work for a couple hours and brought it up good as new :)

Was very pleased with my effort.

Next was to get a window installed so went to vansport in redruth and they sorted me out nicely, £170 for a new window and both tinted. Also got some dubflectas and wrapped the pillars myself.

I wasnt a big fan of the chrome wing mirrors so took them off to find a nasty crack on one, which was probably why they were there originally. So thought this was a chance to learn to fill and spray. Got a bit frustrated with paint drips and sanding back down but got there in the end and it was a resonable attempt.

Also painted up the VW badge while i was there.

Decided to colourcode my boot strip too so took my paint skills and attacked that with better results, no drips this time :)
And took off some little decals on the back too which was tedious.

Decided it was time to insulated and also i wanted to recarpet the whole thing so ripped everything out of the back and took it down to the bare metal



Found a bit of rust on the floor so treated it with some hammerite and got on insulating.

Fortunatly i work at a builders merchant, as im sure u can see in the photos, so i get quite a bit of discount which is very nice A:
To insulate i used flashing tape all over the walls, then a layer of bubble foil insulation, then layer of celotex, followed by another layer of foil insulation and all taped in with some silver tape.

Chucked a mattress in the back on the weekend and woke up nice and warm.

Next step is to ply it so im currently running cables where needed and installing an alarm and central locking kit.
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