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Ok so decieded to buy a van last summer as I ride mountain bikes and surf and was fed up of lugging kit around in my benz scratching the paint and putting up tents at events....So I found An ex AA s reg with 106 k on the clock...She already had a 3 stage pearl paint job and a flake in the laquer meaning in the sun she shimmers and looks amazing, tinted windows and had been lowered.....Looked really good but I wanted something different so....... I put on New black and silver BK racing alloys.

And painted the calipers, I then added a 2 black stripes with whit lining and blacked the pillers chucked on a bumper protecter so not to scratch paint job with bikes... Outside done!!

Next I started on the cab, I took off the door cards and sparayed them two tone the bottom black and the top dark grey seperated by a chrome detailing strip..

Then I stripped out the old carpet and matts and painted the floor and door sills black added some cheaquer plate matts and sill protecters

I then got my mum (I Know) who is handy with a sewing machine to make some seat covers in black and grey to match the doors.

The dash was really crappy and covered in holes were the aa had screwed in all there gadgets so I stuck some stickers over the worst whilst i thought what to do....Then my mates chucked some more stickers on, so I put some more on and now we have a living collage in the front of my van which I really like and when the whole dash is covered Ill laquer it and should look good.

Chuck in a gear stick extender and a new gear knob and front done!!!

Right the back........ Now i dont want a full camper conversion as I still need to carry bikes and boards and muddy kit... but I do want to sleep in it...sooooo I have ordered a rock and roll bed, and bought some chequer plate lino to match the front matts....these are not installed yet so what I have done so far is.... Take down ceiling cards and cover in carpet, also wired in a split charge with a leisure battery and and inverter linked to a plug socket, I also linked it to a light switch and some leds, I then drew a big vw symbol on the ceiling cards and drilled holes all round the i pocked about 320 leds through the holes creating a lit ceiling that you can read by...or other stuf!!H:

I then turned my attention to curtains...... I didnt want them permenantly there but needed them for camping.....sooooo back to mum.. Out of some grey black out lined fabric she made pannels to fit in the windows the added magnets round the edges meaning the litterally stick into the windows and dont let in any light.... My Idea mums talent ......

side window one in

and layed out

the cab is seperated by a big curtain that sits behind the drivers seat..

so add some tie straps and a cargo net in the ceiling to strap bikes and boards too my van is comming along.... r n r should be here in 3 weeks than add the lino and ill post some better pics of the back....

Have also blocked egr valve and am waiting to get a de cat twin pipe exhaust fitted and a remap....

hope you like.....
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