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Good evening all,

So I started my UAV (drone) company last year (DEK Images if anyone wants to know www.dekimages.co.uk). The time has come to build me a mobile playback client van which can be easily adapted back to a family van in no time. With that the shuttle with its quick release seats fits the bill for how I envision things.
I'm very much a visionary and make it work as I go through it, so things may get interesting along the way.

The van. I needed a T5 shuttle with under 150k. After looking at a few 7k rotters I decided to splash a bit more and buy a mint 2007 T5 shuttle in silver. 2.5 130bhp with 123,000 on the clock.

The plan. Apart from some sign writing on the van I'm happy with the outside. Inside is where it gets interesting. I'm going to be building a TV unit which will house a 40 inch 4k number on a motorised lift. When on a DEK Images job I will remove the middle row of seats and use the anchor points to clamp the TV unit down. I will also be getting full curtains and re-trim the seats in time.

I did have a budget for this at 7k but spent it all buying the right van so will be doing the work as I go along.

Anyway, here are a few pics of the van as bought it. I'm so happy with it. Thanks for coming along, it will be a fun ride.

All comments are welcome :ILU:

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