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Well, I picked up my 2.5 88Hp 03 white SWB Velle on Saturday and am lovin it. Cant believe how much like a normal car it feels like in everyday driving.

Now I am looking at it with a more critical eye there are a few more small dings than I remembered when I was looking through the rose tinted specs so I can see a visit from the dent genie on the horizon. Still, at only 41K with a full service history I aint complaining.

The dealer I bought it off arranged the rear window limo tinting and the guy has done a real good job. They also arranged the colour coding but it isnt the greatest work I have seen but for what he charged it is more than good enough.

It is a real basic spec with more blanking plates on the dash than switches, hand wound windows, no central locking and something called a cassette player where the i-pod docking station should be (I do actually remember cassettes, reel to reels, radiograms and so on:) )

I have just arranged for a lowering kit to be fitted at Brickwerx in the next couple of weeks and have also ordered the 17" Autec's I thought I was going to have to save up for (big thanks to my other half for that one). I will have to hold back on any more spending after that for a while but I already have a shopping list forming in my head .........

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