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Hi All,

I just bought a 2.5Tdi T4 Syncro and I love it (I've already got a 2.5Tdi T4 Van which goes like stink even with 178k on the clock).

I bought it because my Landrover is getting to the end of its useful life, I've got a million children and I was looking for a replacement with seats and space. I wanted to keep 4x4 as I go camping and like to get to the quiet spots no one else can reach... Mostly because I'm anti social but also because I wouldn't want to upset any happy campers with the noise from my kids!

I've been driving it round for a few weeks now and I've noticed a noice which is speed related, its comes in at around 60mph and is transmission related. It doesn't do it until it gets warmed up. Does anyone know if its related to the VC or the Prop Shaft????? the Van's done 82000 miles if that helps.

Having had it for a bit I can't wait to fill it with children and camping gear in 2 weeks time... We're going on an expedition.

Anyway, if anyone's got any idea's about my noise that would be great.

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