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Hi All,

I thought it ws about time I posted so pics of my T4.

Its a 1999 T - Plate 1.9TD (ABL). 110000 Miles.

When I picked it up.

After a trip to Cornwall load up I went to VW and purchased standard springs for the van as it bottomed on the arches over every bump and corner. Taken the paint off the lip of the arches, so tomorrow I will treat and waxoil the lips until I can afford a paint job and repair.

Tomorrow it gets a wash and a maybe a polish!

So heres a few as it sits now...........Photos taken when van was 900 miles dirty!

I am pleased with it but now very skint for a few months and disappointed with the problems I have had to date.




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Hi Gareth

Just like to say that you have a really tasty van there mate, I always was a sucker for the white and black combo I:I:

Has it been resprayed recently? Paintwork looks fresh.

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