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Hello everyone, been around a bit on the forum now and asked questions, got lots of answers, and hopefully shared what I have learnt.

Here is my van, from when I got it to present day...

Things done:

  • Double din Apline stereo - replaced with Pioneer SPH-DA100
  • Front Alpine speakers
  • Rear double folding seat - fitted by Andy at WickedVanz
  • Kombi step
  • Full width rear step plate
  • iPhone dock for front dash tray - removed at the moment due to new stereo
  • Carpeting - all panels inc headlining
  • Rear Alpine 6x9s
  • New ply floor
  • Audi DRLS
  • Vinyl bonnet strip
  • Leisure battery - installed by upspex
  • Heated seats
  • Autowatch CAT1 Alarm - fitted by upspex
  • 12v LED lights
  • Altro floor covering
  • Electric windows
  • Side Windows
  • Reversing camera
  • Kogan 19" TV
  • Coilovers
  • 12v cooler
  • Van-x curtains
  • Front floor mat
  • Bed/seat
  • Tailgate glass
  • Just Kampers thermo mats
  • Ikea Mattress topper
  • Move speakers to tailgate

The van as I got it:

First thing I did was get side windows fitted, never had a van before so wanted as much visibility as I could get....

Then after that was done I purchased a number plate reversing camera, electric window kit and alarm thanks to upspex for fitting it.

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Next on the list was heated seats, I got these off Trimstar and wasnt too hard to fit them either! Nothing much to view as they are under the covers...here is a pic of the front seats, this is how they were when I got the van...

After this I bought some cleaning products from cleanyourcar.co.uk and treated the van to a full detail, which took best part of the day...

Rain on the roof day after I had cleaned it


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Next thing I wanted to do was reduce the road noise, now I had read and still do read all the different opinions on here about what to use and what not to use.

So I went and bought off the bay 10x1m of soundproofing, which effectively is a giant roll of flashband with a silver back, to me it seems the same as brown bread that I have used before and cost a bit more.

Here is the van inside before:

Then after cutting and shaping parts and getting the stuff to stick in the right place without leaving too much space it started to take place a bit more:

You get the idea, I have now covered all the inside of the van with it, and I must say it has made a massive difference in road noise. Might not be the most elegant solution but was the one I chose.

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Cheers for the comments guys!

Van goes today to my mate who is going to vinyl the middle of the bonnet, possibly the badge and grill too....we will see what they say!

Will post a pic when I get it back tomorrow night!


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Brief pic update....

This one is of the Alpine I have installed:

This is a pic of the phone holder I fashioned together from a iphone stand:

I also decided to have my bonnet vinyl wrapped, but just the center part, I also got the badge and chrome grill covered.....i think this will look better when i get the time to fit my DRLs that are sat in a box at the end of my bed :eek:

Anyway here is a pic:

More has been done...but no pics yet so I will take them then report back T:

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Light Install

Here is my experience of changing the headlights.

First thing I did was get the van under cover, mainly due to the rain, but also to get it closer to a wall. I then marked on some cardboard where the dip and main beams were located.

I used a forges guide to installing a new intercooler in order to get the lights out, full of pictures and very helpful.

So I followed that to remove the bumper, to save me re writing all of that here is a link to the document:


The hardest part was getting access to the bolts at the side that hold the bumper on, was only getting about 1/4 of a turn each time and as they are nylock nuts, this took a while.

With the bumper off it was time to get out the old boring headlights and get my new DRLs in.

I started with the passenger side as this one has the loom attached to it, this is the upgraded wiring loom from Xtreme Vans!

First thing was to locate the ignition wire that is in the fuse box in the engine bay, with this located I modifie the fuse box lid so as the cable from the wiring loom would pass through there without being caught.

I got the headlight and then fitted the mounting bracket on the bottom, then put the light into place loosely and connected the connector block, I got my father to hold the power cables on the terminals of the battery while I went and tested the lights on and off.

Everything worked great, so we then fitted the light in properly and turned our attention to the drivers side light.

This side took longer as I needed to cut the cables on the headlight and wire them into the loom, this was a case of looking at the other headlight that was already done (thanks Jay) and copying it. Sounds simple enough but I made a silly mistake and that was to connect all the wires and crimp them while the headlight wasnt in place DOH!

So I had to cut all the cables, put the headlight in place and then solder all the wires back together, so lesson learnt here, pay attention!

When all was good with the light again, we tested them both, everything seemed good, even the lights were hitting the same pattern that the stock lights were, so I didnt adjust them.

Putting the bumper on was the reverse of taking it off.

Then there we have it, out with the old and in with the new. Apologies if its not detailed enough, any questions give me a shout.


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Not updated for AGES! Apologies!

Here are a couple pics of what I have been up to:

A clean, with new bonnet vinyl and DRLS!!!!

Rear seats with a sneak peak of some of my carpeting skills

Cutting out soundproofing for putting the ply batons down

Ply floor going down:

Altro flooring going down

This one you can see some more of the carpeting

Thats all for this update, I need to take some more pics of the headlining, carpeting, new stereo and leisure battery install!

Check back soon!
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