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Hi all,
I’ll try to be as brief as possible:
I bought my MH (1995 2.4 diesel automatic VW T4 Holdsworth Valentine) in March this year from a dealer (not local to me – approx 150 miles away) and I have had a few problems with it since purchase. It was supposed to have had a full habitation check and service prior to purchase – which included a 12 month insurance backed ‘warranty’. I had about £2,500 worth of extras fitted prior to buying it (solar panel, alarm and immobiliser, reversing camera). I paid for everything on my credit card. Problems as follows:
• Water ingress into main habitation area – turned out to be blocked waste outlet and consequent build up of water. Had full habitation check by a local dealer, problem identified and fixed, reimbursed by vendor.
• Significant loss of engine power uphill – had vehicle serviced by local dealer who said filters etc. needed changing which suggested that the vendor hadn’t serviced it prior to me buying it. Problem improved although to some extent the lack of power is apparently due to the van not being a turbo diesel.
• Main battery not charging – called out RAC and needed a new battery.
• Wind out awning fitted incorrectly i.e. tension brackets in wrong place (at extreme right and left of ‘rail’) which means that the extending ‘support arms’ don’t do their job properly and I can’t attach the supports for the zip-on safari room. Last week was the first time I wanted to use the safari room so I have only just discovered this problem. I haven’t had it looked at yet but I assume the ‘tension brackets’ will have to be moved which will leave holes in the body with potential water ingress problems.
• Finally, I don’t think my ‘warranty’ is valid. Reading the small print, the dealer should have guaranteed the vehicle was sound prior to sale and should have stamped the service log. I looked at the log but there is no stamp by the dealer.
I am very worried that if anything else should go wrong the warranty won’t be worth the paper it’s written on and I still have to resolve the problem with the awning.
I would really appreciate any advice that anyone can offer. Are the above problems serious enough to justify me going back to the dealer and asking for a full refund and then going elsewhere for a MH? Thanks for reading this and for any help you can give.
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