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hello everyone just the last week i was looking at trying to feed my vw with veg oil
but i see some posts just do it straight and then others with a mix with diesel
and then i see with petrol when its really cold.
so then i see the dual tank system which looks ok but to source the parts is one thing i see a bit hard
heat exchanger why do you need that anyhow do i need a special fuel filter at all.
i have a 1.9 1997 swb
dunno fuel pumps name
just thinking then if i was going to do this and take a chance i will be using oil veg oil so then i was thinking how do you go about with filtering this
whats the rules about filtering old oil.
sorry for been a complete ass about this just sick of filling my vw so often and really i dont want to take a chance and ruin my ride

thanks everyone for the replies
all the best

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