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Hello all,

My lovely T4 just got a bit poorly. Slight misfire and ECU light flashing. I got it into my local garage and then (boo...hiss) my local VW dealer.

Confirmed fault code is needle lift sensor faulty, but VW also spotted part of the main engine loom being chaffed and back to copper in places. They want £1500 of my hard earned cash to replace the loom and replace the faulty sensor, PAH! Note they did disconnect the sensor and it was still giving resistance out of spec, so its not a shorting fault. Looks like the loom has chaffed and shorted and has eventually blown the sensor.

So now I have read up all the posts here from you lovely people on these apparently common and linked faults.

What I was going to do was fix the loom myself and then get a garage to replace the sensor, however, I then read the Projeck Power 2 post with great interest, and am thinking of going this route. Some questions :

- Where are the typical wear locations on the loom, i.e. where should I be looking ? Obviously I'll trace it back from the sensor but a heads up would be good.

- Am I right in presuming that the sensor is part of the injector, and as such would be replaced / renewed with PP2 modded injectors...Rake ?

- The engine has always been a bit smokey at cold, and lacking in power...really have to ride the clutch if parked on a slope...typical causes ??

- With PP2, I just want to acheive smoother running and a bit more power with no visible mods, if you know what I mean I: Is it alright to leave it like this without re-mapping.

- Any special tools required for PP2 ?

- Oh, and finally, I plan to do the loom repair, PP2 upgrade and replace front discs and pads in a day with my pal who's all tooled up...is this enough time !!?

thanks guys, look forward to your thoughts

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If you use the search function mate you will find answers to all your questions. T:
The most usual place for the loom wear is over the engine where vibration and heat take their toll.
You are right that the sensor is part of the injector.
I think Rake stipulates you must exchange serviceable injectors for PP2 so I would suggest you buy a new one and get him to modify your own set that way you get to keep your new one.
Either that if you let him know of your dodgy one he may be able to do you a deal.

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Hi Andy,

Yes the needle motion sensor is part of the PP2 upgrade and is replaced but as Tony kindly mentioned we need good injectors back so.....

Why not test the needle motion sensor with a multimeter and let me know the result. Then I can tell you if we can work it out.

Disconnect the sensor wire from under the van and apply the multimeter set to measure resistance in Ohms.

Measure across the 2 pins in the connector on the injector side not the loom side.

Let me know the result.

Regarding your other questions.

Yes, as long as you settle the idle with vag com you can run without remap however the main gain is with a remap. you wont regret it if you do it - guaranteed.

No special tools required - there is a trick for getting the old ones out that makes it simple for anyone. Details supplied on a how to sheet after purchase.

1 day should be well enough. Injector replacement is 1-2 hrs.


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