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First post on here but I'm wondering if anyone electrically minded can help.

Originally my van was a panel van with heated front seats (controlled through the dashboard). As part of the conversion I called 'captain seat' in melton mowberry and had a couple of swivel seats (and a rock and roll bed) made. I asked for the seats to be heated, but didn't tell them my van already has a heated seat system wired to the dash - he didn't ask... and to be honest I didn't think that he'd need to know.

Anyway, went to pick the seats up recently. Turns out the captains seats aren't reupholstered vw seats, they are in fact from a ford galaxy.

Captains seats told me that the ford galaxy seats can't be hooked up to the dashboard.

I don't know too much about electrics but surely there must be a way to hook the new captains seats upto my dash? Can anyone recommend a good auto electrician around Bradford / Huddersfield? Or can anyone tell me if there is a reason for why the new seats won't hook up to the dash?

I've added a few pics.

Wires coming out of the seats

Wires attached to the loom

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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