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Currently Motor Caravans are exempt from European Type Approval rules. However this is about to change. As of April 29th 2012, all newly built Motor Caravans (up to ten years old) will need to pass an IVA examination. This test has already replaced the SVA test for normal cars (since April 2009) in the M1 category.

Motor Caravans (over 2500kg - so this excludes the 800 and 888 Specials) are considered as Special Purpose Vehicles, along with vehicles adapted for Motability use, Ambulances, Hearses and Armoured Cars. As such these vehicles have their own specific tests...

Here are some extracts from the new IVA Testers manual...

Section 19 Seat Belt Anchorages

Page 141

"the required standards do not apply to seats intended solely for use when the vehicle is stationery..."


"at least anchorages are required for lap belts for all rear seating postions"

Page 143

Where a vehicle is presented with this type of seat, the presenter will be required to provide evidence that the seats of this type... meet the requirements for an M1 category vehicle. This should be in the form pf a declaration from the vehicle converter or seat manufacturer making reference to the vehicle concerned, confirming that the seats fitted (other than the original manufacturers seats) meet the strength and positional requirements of Directive 76/115/EEC for a category M1 vehicle and supported by documentative evidence of the seat test results.

i.e the seat needs to be type approved for your vehicle.

So what, I hear you say?

Well you will not be allowed to reregister your van as a motor caravan; therefore, you will not be able to insure it as a motor caravan if it does not pass an IVA test...

The 2012 date means that this ruling applies to the final two years of the T4 production as well as all T5's...
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