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Ever wanted to see what you are doing in the dark, want to be able to side out an have a few drinks with out flattening your battery? or simply want to find your way back to your van at night? Here is the solution.

The Strip

  • 60 superbright LEDs per Meter
  • 120º light output
  • IP65 - Waterproof
  • <5W per meter
  • genuine 3M adhesive backing
  • available in warm white and cold white from stock
  • Blue, Green, Red and Yellow also available
  • 12 DC Dimmable (with seperate dimmer)
  • 50,000 hour life expectancy!

The Kit

1 x DC socket (pre soldered)
1 x DC power lead 1m
1 x connector to strip
1 x continuous LED at desired length

How To

These instructions are for fitting a strip to your Fiamma or similar awning, there may be some subtle differences in your install - they are all different but the idea is the same. if you havn't got an awning there is no reason why you couldn't fit this to the outside of your van or motorhome.

Start by cleaning the surface that the strip is to be applied to, we use either thinners or white spirit. To apply the strip, start at the end with the wires, and peel the backing off, push firmly for around ten seconds along the length of the strip during application. and when you get to the far end trin the strip to length making sure you cut on the marked cutting points.

Next you will need to remove the End cap of the awning.

remove the screw in the middle of the picture

gently prise off the end cap so it looks like this

you can now pass your wire through the small hole.

drill your cap in a suitable place, you need a 12.5mm hole if you are using our supplied connectors, this is best achieved with a cone cutter,

so you end up like this

fit the socket

connect the socket to the strip

and replace the end cap

you can now plug your power lead in

should look like this

and turned on

and at night

The Awning shown is a 4m Fiamma F45 Pro, that = fewer than 20W of electricity being used! The pictures just don't do it justice!

To connect your power lead you can connect to a fused 12v DC supply via a switch, or you could use our remote dimmer or remote switch.


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Sorry - emergency call out!

starting at £55 for a 3m, plus £11 per meter up to 5m, the dimmer and remote are £20 and £30 respectively, click on their pics to take you to web site

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