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Hi All !
Just a quick message to introduce myself and my T4 on this forum. I'm the owner of a T4 Syncro 2.5 TDI (ACV), in pretty good condition ! A bit of rust on the back doors, but that's pretty much it !
Previously, I owned a really nice Multivan 1.9TD, rebuilt the engine myself (320K km), and the day I finished it, somebody bumped into me and destroyed that beautiful van... Sad day ! Fortunately, I found the syncro one week later, and started over again !

Few pictures below ;-). Really looking forward for nice discussions about the T4s ! I love everything related to mecanics, and I'm starting to have a good understanding of the T4 engine. Currently interested in learning about the syncro transmission, about which I don't know much !

Wish you guys all the best !

20200313_125313.jpg 20200313_125258.jpg


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