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hi all, im mark and i live in egremont, west cumbria.

i bought my T4 about 18-20 months ago, 02 reg, it was a pretty standard looking van when i bought it with 6 seats, rear tinted windows and standard vw 16" alloys. i paid £3500 which even now is a decent price.

i bought it for festivals mainly but it comes in handy now and then if im doing any work helping friends out that sort of thing,
its a veteran of 7 festivals now and the odd trip away to scotland, down to manc, blackpool etc and hasnt missed a beat!

the alloys were a bit tatty and needed at least one new tyre so i decided new wheels were in order, i got some 18" RS8's for a decent price then lowered the van 50mm all round, i was quite chuffed at how much better it looked.

i havent really had much time over the last 12 months to do anything but my next plan is to fully insulate it out, new plylining and carpeting, its got a rubber floor throughout so just doing the sides and possibly fitting a bulkhead behind the row of rear seats.

ive joined up on here to hopefully to get some tips and knowledge off all you experts that have been there and done it!

thanks for reading and hello to you all!
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