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We are super excited about our first van. Dipping our toes into van ownership for the first time.

We need a van for riding trips. So it's for weekends away and transporting bikes.

We have gone for a T4 from 1996. 130k miles. Unfortunately a lowered suspension so the ride is a bit harsh. But otherwise in not bad nick.

So far we have just been cleaning up a bit and there is a rattle from the rear offside suspension to investigate.

We will come back with all sorts of questions. 馃槂馃槂馃槂

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rusty heap ('95 t4)
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Good thoughts. I was wondering the same. Thought about going back to original wheels, not 18 inches alloys and then could fit tyres with a bit more bounce.
I went from standard wheels鈥 tyres to 18鈥檚 & drove it for a couple of days before lowering it .

It definitely drove worse !
Now lowered with decent shocks & while it isn鈥檛 as nice as standard , it isn鈥檛 far off .

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