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Just bought my first 2003 caravelle 2.5TDI 88bhp LWB.

Its not quite up to the standard i wanted, but it came cheap, and i knew that it was needing attention.

first things to do are investigate the knocking from the front. have read a lot on the forum about swapping out different components and been looking a spares prices. My main concern is the Top ball joint. this seems to be the one that causes the most grief. i'd maybe have just decided to replace the upper arm but i see this is full of difficulties.
I see mention of removing the tank/sub-frame/etc, but while watching a Youtube video from Autodoc, they seem to have been able to do it without removing all this.
Whats the reasoning for removing the tank? access to the torsion bar bolts? :*Autodocseem to get round this by using the extra loooong socket extension bars. they look about 3foot long:) any other reasons

If this is practical, is it sensible to replace the upper arm with one that has the ball joint prefitted, prices are pretty high, there are a few who struggle with the upper ball joint. i guess the secret is to have a good tool. might be looking to hire the one on the forum.

I still need to get the van in the air and check the joints, any other areas that can cause knocking?

In terms of rear suspension, i plan to carry a couple of scooters/motorbikes in the back for time to time. would the standard caravelle springs handle the weight or should they be upgraded.

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Only thing I can comment on is the 'velle rear springs.
They were designed for passenger comfort, NOT for taking any "load".
'velle with the max 9 seater option was probably set up for 800kg load.
My van was set for 1200kg.
'velle was also set up for that load to be distributed over the whole van.
It's up to YOU to work out what load you are going to put over the rear axle.....

Why think about replacing the upper arm?
Just hire the tool for the upper joint, or pay a garage to do it (one that HAS the tool)

"any other areas that can cause knocking?"
Any of the joints.....:*

OH...and if you do change the rear springs, get the 4 wheels tracking done, and, unless you have ABS, the balancing valve set for the rear brakes!
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