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Evening all.
I have reciently purchased a none running White 1998 2.5tdi(acv) lwb caravelle with twin sliders..A:
Timimg belt(water pump side) has lost all it's teeth on almost one side of the cambelt and as such is now locking up internally.. Something to get my teeth into:D
As such i bought it AS A PROJECT .To restore back to a usuable standard. From a very good friend of mine who is very heavily into the vw t25 and didn't want a t4. Not knowing how many miles were displayed on the mileometer.
Imagine my surprise when i connected some jump leads up( as the battery was misssing) and the display read 428,123.!!!!.:eek:
I am yet to confirm 100% that the engine is the original. the v5 and the engine number match up as does the hpi details.
Just wondered as to the expected life span of a 2.5 5cy tdi engine.?.
Also do caravelles come with a twin heating system with a seperate heater matrix that lives underneath,just behind the fuel tank.?. As mine seems to be missing. Any ideas where the best place to find one would be?. Along with numerous other parts( way too much to list).
Also which manual is the best to buy.?. Are the cd manuals from e-bay any good.?.
All help very gratefully recieved.
Hello to everyone.!.
I also posted this on the community section, didn't realise there was a dedicated T4 section. oops.
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