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Hi, I have recently purchased a LWB 2.4 T4 1996. It has had part conversion inside and came with a JustKampers Awning. We came home this morning after our first night away! We really enjoyed the experience and were suprised at how big the awning was although we were kept awake a lot of the night with the suckers of the awning banging on the roof as they came loose! Any idea how we can attach the awning differently. I have read about the rails but unsure as to how they work or if the awning we have will fit?

Also, our petrol and temperature guage do not work although they did come on together a few times on the drive home but the petrol guage was just travelling up and down. The speedo works fine. The previous owner has changed the lights behind the dash so they show blue so we were wondering if this could have anything to do with it?

Does anyone know if the newer style rear bumpers will fit my T4? Sorry for all the questions! Any advice will be appreciated!!

Will try and post some pics soon, we have a long way to go but are up for it, especially seeing how good the end results can be!

Thanks again

Looking forward to being part of the T4 community!
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