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Hi there. It’s taken me a year to get here but I’ve eventually registered. Thought I’d introduce myself to the community. I regularly come onto the site to find advice and it seems that whatever I want is covered somewhere by someone. Great friendly advice usually too!
I’ve had VWs since 2011 when we got a Golf mk4 tdi to replace my Peugeot partner and have never looked back. We then added an Up! to the family and decided on getting a 53plate t28 T5 174 Kombi converted Transporter last May when the golf kept picking up mechanical ailments from towing the caravan up and down the Lake District hills and long journeys to Cornwall.
The t5 when we bought it had oil in the expansion tank so was cheap to buy. It was only the water pump bearing that had gone but found that the threads had been butchered and had to have a helicoil. To Get access lots had to be removed so decided to get other jobs done that needed doing at the same time. (Dmf, recon turbo, etc). All sorted now and has been for the last year. It had car tyres on it when we got it which were low on tread but found some range rover supercharged wheels on eBay for £300 with new extra load tyres. I fitted a tow bar and we now use it to go camping whenever we can by putting a futon in the back. It doubles up as a way to get us to festivals and transporting clay bags and my kick wheel about.
That’s us...and the van. Looking forward to chatting to you all and any advice anyone may have if I ever need any. Any advice I can give, I will. Cheeeeers 🙂
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