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Hi guys and gals, the wife and I have after spending ages talking about it, purchased a T5, on a 57 plate.

whilst we're almost totally sure of where we want to go with her, we're not so sure on what we're going to do to her, :*

First I want to change the colour, white is not quite my thing.
Full width seat/bed, with either a small front kitchen or a rear pull out.
Change the manual mirrors for electric ones, whilst they're easy enough to buy, what about the loom and switch? :*
Pop top roof, side lift or front lift? or do they still do the traditional full lift?

We're situated in almost sunny Weston Super Mud, (handy for D&C), and looking forward to meeting up with others of the van clan.

Nige & Vix

:ILU:J: T:

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Welcome Guys..good luck with the ConversionT:

Yes, I think you may be able to get a straight lift somewhere, but I went with a sidelift and am very happy with it:)
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