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Well firstly i should introduce myself. My name is Jonah I'm 30 years old and a british soldier based in Gutersloh Germany. Having sold my much loved, built from a painters van, owned for 4years T4 to fund the deposit on a house for my wife and family i have now got my hands on another :).

It has already been fully kitted out with minor work required . Really wanted a banger to do myself but this was a compromise from the wife (something we can use straight away and is child safe). By the by if i can't build and improve the exterior/interior then i am going to play with the engine.

Does anybody know of any T4 clubs in Germany around the gutersloh area. Will research and look myself but think this a good topic as my introduction to the forum. Also a pointer in the way of good threads on fast T4s would be greatly appreciated.

Hauoli Makahiki Hou


Will post pictures of my new and old T4 soonest :)[/FONT][/COLOR]
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