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Hello everyone

I've been a member here for a while now, but I'm only just getting round to actually buying a T5. And the big question (for me) is - which one? It has to be LWB, and windows and rear seats would be great, but could be added. But which engine?

My heart says 174, my head says 104, and 130 would probably be reasonable. I can't really spend more than £8000, so it's not going to be new. And I don't want many more than 100,000 miles on the clock. Dreaming a bit I know, but hey.

I've read that the AXD and AXE engines have a certain reputation... am I asking for it looking at a 2005 174 lwb AXE with 100,000 on the clock? Would I just be replacing water pumps and manifolds and clutches on a weekly basis? And what about the camshaft? Is it a maybe that the engine is going to need serious work, or is it just going to happen? And if so, when? Maybe I've been reading the forums too much... surely all your vans aren't in the garage all the time????

Should I really just stick with the 1.9 - is it that much easier? Or are the 2.5s better after 2007? Any advise much appreciated!

Coming here from years of Sprinters - specifically, a 312 4x4 2.9 litre beast that was lovely to drive, super torquey but quite expensive to run. And a bit rusty...

Anyone about to sell a decent LWB T5 in silver or blue?

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