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Hey All,

New user here! Great forum you guys have going, every time I google anything T4 related I’m sent straight here so time to join up :)

I’m not sure where to post the following but I’m going to put it here for now :confused:

So I’ve just taken on a massive project. Two weeks ago I bought a T4 to convert to a camper. Only problem is it has half a million kilometres and a snapped timing belt! :eek:

I’m going to need to turn it back into a van before I can even think about the conversion . . .

So far I’ve managed to:
• Remove the Engine.
• Remove the Gearbox & Head from the Engine.
• Strip the Turbo and Manifolds from the Engine.

That 2.5tdi lump is HUGE. To get it out I made an engine hoist out of scaffolding poles and a motor. Only problem was the motor wouldn’t lift the engine. It was too heavy. It could hold it in position or leave it down . . Once I went down, I was committed.

I made a trolley for the engine out of a few wooden planks nailed together in a square, reinforced with another layer going 90°, wheels underneath and a rope tied on to pull the beast in once she’s down.

I lowered the engine very carefully was delighted when it sat comfortably on my trolley.

Then when I tried to move it, still smiling away obliviously, the whole thing burst and I was left with quarter of a ton worth of engine in the drive, AND a hurricane en route.

The only way to get it inside was to remove the head & the gearbox in the dark, so that hopefully the motor would lift it and I could rebuild & reinforce my trolley. Second time lucky and after a few hours I managed to get it down and inside with a few hours to spare before Ophelia showed up :D

Once the head was off I noticed that the Camshaft was snapped in three places from the timing belt breaking. Snapped! I’ve never seen anything like it. That much forced must have caused a massive bang and given the driver a heart attack

I have the head stripped now and the cylinders look perfect. Perfect after half a million k, that’s impressive! Valves aren’t in such good shape but that’s to be expected if the pistons hit them hard enough to drive them up through the cam . . .

Next step is to check the turbo, dual mass, a strip the block and price parts to see if I would be better off with just buying another engine :*

Sorry for rambling on, Its just all I’ve been thinking about lately! Already love my T4 and I haven’t even driven her yet. I have plenty photos off all the above work and have much more work to come.

I’d love some advice from you guys if anybody has done anything similar in the past? Or even any mods that would be easier for me to do while the engine is out?

I hear talk of a 5th gear upgrade that people do but is that for the 2.5tdi ACV engine?

Any help with be greatly appreciated, I'm not a mechanic so I'm going to have ALOT of googling to be doing . . . (Need to buy a manual ASAP)

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