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Remember years ago, Renault (iirc) brought out a hot hatch that you could adjust the exhaust tone which played through the speakers, just thinking as you accelerate in the van, use a slide whistle to replicate the sound of the supercharger (only in one direction obviously) :geek: I know smart right! Then put a drummers symbol on your passenger seat and as you let off the throttle give it a whack, did someone say dump valve? (y)

Right my work here is done, off to help others with my smartness, maybe I'll advise @Soundz about his electrical set up :LOL:

you should bro I might get fried soon ;) ......wots a drummer symbol bro............with care you answer my friend .great care🤣

TBF i'm good with Will's advice mine sounds like a ruddy tractor too sure it pulls like hell an for an old bus amazes me .but yeah sounds like a tractor.....ha and fits right in for a country boy

Tom warmest of welcomes.......please forgive 'em mate they are wayward souls:D
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